Subject: Re: marine biology

Jennifer D. Philips (
Tue, 5 Nov 1996 01:18:48 -1000 (HST)

Hi Lee!  So you want to be a marine biologist?  Well, I'll answer your
question about being under the ocean:  its VERY FUN!  I am a SCUBA diver,
which means I can stay under there as long as my air tank lets me, and I
find that its very beautiful and peaceful under the ocean.  In California,
there is a large underwater "forest" of kelp (seaweed) that can grow 200
feet tall.  Diving under the water in a kelp forest is like flying in the
air through the trees in a forest!

I hope can be a marine biologist some day. Remember, though, if you do
want to do that you have to study hard, get good grades and go to a good
college with good classes in marine biology.  

Good luck!  Please write to me again if you want to ask any more

Aloha -

Jen Philips

On 4 Nov 1996, David M. Spokas wrote:

> Dear Jen,
>   I want to be a marine bioligist when I grow up.  Please aswer my questions.
> What is it like under the ocean?Is it fun?
>      I have to make my letter short because I have to go some where.  Please
> write back.
>                  Lee 


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