Subject: Re: orcas

Tom Ford (
Wed, 4 Dec 96 08:32:34 -0500

>>If I wanted to see Orca whales on a whale watch where would I 
have to go?  Please don't say Seaworld because I would really like to 
see them in their natural habitat.

Hello Michael Hurley,

     There are two predictable places to see Orca whales on a regular 
basis, the Pacific Northwest and Argentina. There are three resident pods 
in the Puget Sound area. They are principally found in the vicinity of 
the San Juan Islands. Several commercial whale watch operations can be 
found in Friday Harbor,Washington. They are most predictably seen in July 
and August. In Argentina killer whales can be seen at the Peninsula 
Valdes in February. They can be seen closely from the beach at Punta 
Norte at a provincial park. No boat is needed. The Provincia Del Chubut 
maintains and staffs the park with Rangers who have extensive experience 
with the whales. I hope that this is enough information. Orcas are widely 
distributed throughout all of our oceans and a chance sighting  can 
happen anywhere even from a ferry boat in Washington state.

      Good Luck , 

                   Dr. Tom Ford