Subject: Re: Sei whales

Tom Ford (
Tue, 10 Dec 96 22:37:46 -0500

>Hi, I was using the internet and I saw a page that had your adress on
>it.  I'm doing a report on whales.  I was wondering if you had any
>information on sei whales.  If you do please send back.

    The sei whale is a balaenopterid whale, a grouping of filter feeding 
whales. The scientific name is Balaenoptera borealis. It occurs in all 
oceans. It is a medium size whale being from 12 to 18 meters in length 
and 20 to 26 tons. It has a slender build and feeds principally on krill 
and small fish. 

    Excellent source books on sei whales are:
     The World's Whales by Minasian,Balcomb, and Foster
                        published by Smithsonian Books, Washington D.C. 
                        ISBN 0-89599-0148

     The Sierra Club Handbook of Whales and Dolphins by Leatherwood and 
                        published by Sierra Club Books, San Francisco  
                        ISBN  0-87156341-X

     Handbook of Marine Mammals vol. 3  edited by Ridgway and Harrison
                        published by The Academic Press 1985

    If you require more information , please feel free to ask.  
                                                      Dr. Tom Ford