Subject: Re: Which came first ?

Tom Ford (
Wed, 11 Dec 96 00:57:58 -0500

>Yo, which can first whales with teeth or baleen ?

     The first whales were toothed. Archaeoceti the oldest known whales 
first appear in the fossil record during the Eocene roughly 60 million 
years ago. The baleen whale group are comparatively new species. 
balaenidae first occur as fossils in the Miocene about 20 million years 
ago. Balaenopteridae are younger still appearing in the Pliocene a mere 5 
million years before now. Baleen is a relatively new feeding device 
allowing the removal of foodstuffs in large amounts even though the 
individual size of the food may be quite small. Baleen , it must be 
understood is an epithelial structure having nothing to do with teeth at 

                                Dr. Tom Ford