Subject: Re; question

Tom Ford (
Wed, 11 Dec 96 01:16:13 -0500

>From: Jordan
>How many adult african male elefants can stand on a blue whales toung?

     If a blue whale was 90 feet long. The tongue of the blue whale would 
be about 30 feet long, because the head of a blue is about one-third of 
the whales length. The width of such a tongue would be about 8 feet. If 
the tongue was lying flat on the ground then my best guess is that 3 
elephants could fit. There would not be enough vertical room in the mouth 
for the animals to fit in. Three elephants standing shoulder to shoulder 
across the width , and along the length of that tongue would just fit. 
That would be quite a feat given the untrainable nature of full grown 
wild male African elephants.

                                             dr. Tom Ford