Subject: Re: Whales talking

Tom Ford (
Thu, 12 Dec 96 23:32:43 -0500

>What is the range on whale song in the ocean, recorded responses ?
Dear Paul,
    Whale song as in the songs of humpbacks and bowhead whales travel a 
fair distance. The higher pitches do not travel more than 30 miles. The 
lower pitches of Humpback songs travel hundreds of miles. Baleen whales 
are capable of producing communicative sounds , not songs , that travel 
very large distances indeed. The larger species of whales can produce 
very long wavelength pulses at low frequencies. Blue and finback whales 
can produce sounds at lower than 20 cycles per second. Those sounds if 
introduced into sufficiently deep cold water can travel across an entire 
ocean basin. References for this are Among Whales, by Dr. Roger Payne 
published by Scribner1995  ISBN 0-684-80210-4  and Communication and 
Behavior of Whales Edited by Roger Payne  AAAS Selected Symposium Series  
published by Westview Press Inc. 1983 ISBN 086531722-4.

    I do not understand the part of your question concerning recorded 
responses. ask again please.

                                    Dr. Tom Ford