Subject: Re: Whales

Tom Ford (
Thu, 12 Dec 96 23:32:52 -0500

>Hi!  I am teaching my kids at home, and they wish to study life science. 
>Do you have any suggested web sites for teaching them?  Both of them are
>interested in all animals, both land and water.  (They've been whale
>watching on a research vessel. I got seasick. Ugh!)
>I have been searching the net for interesting sites and lesson plans, but
>most of them are for classes with a much larger number of students.  I only
>have 2.  I wouldn't bug you with this, but I know quite a few families who
>are home schooling and we are all in the same boat.  (By the way, there are
>73,000 homeschooled kids in California.)
>Mary Bodel

Try and look at the associates. An alternative 
site with paralell listings is  . This listing is 
pro-whaling but rather objective with many links to anti-whaling groups.