Subject: Re: Whale question

Tom Ford (
Thu, 19 Dec 96 23:21:32 -0500

>Hey thanks for writing me back...but you didn't finish your message.  You 
>stopped at Willy could dash through the water at...............Well, at 
>what?  Is there a place to adopt a whale?  Do you know about manatees too?
>On Wed, 18 Dec 1996, Tom Ford wrote:
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>> >I'm interested in all whales, dolphins, manatees.  I guess I want to know 
>> >about Kaeko (sp? know, Free Willy).  How many teeth does Free Willy 
>> >have?  How fast can he swim?  Is there a place to adopt a whale?  If so, 
>> >how do I find out about it?
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>> Keiko is now living in an aquarium in Oregon. Willy has about 52 very 
>> large teeth.  If Willy was at sea he could probably dash through the 
>> ocean at 
Twenty seven knots. There are several places where you can adopt a whale. 
The Tokitae foundation is concerned with tthe release of lolita(Tokitae) 
from Miami, Fla. the College of the Atlantic has both finback and 
humpback whales available and the New England Aquarium has northern Right 
whales open for adoption. i have no experience with manatees. 
                                                   Dr. Tom Ford