Subject: Re: Whale Watching (Add WN)

Dr. Cathy Schaeff (
Thu, 09 Jan 1997 11:31:07 +0000

Dear Jannette,

There are a number of excursions to see whales -- how rare they are
would depend on the location, how much money you can spend, and how much
time you have (i.e., one of the reasons most are considered rare is
because they are difficult to find in the wild and hence it may take you
a while once you get there to actually find one).  It is also important
to remember thet you are not always going to be successful -- weather
and plain bad luck has plauged many people. 

I would suggest checking with the Smithsonian and National Geographic
for information on excusions -- and if you end up going with a
relatively unknown outfit -- be sure to check out their reputation for
safety (yours and the whales)!

Good luck,