Subject: Re: Minke Whale migrations

Daniel K. Odell (
Tue, 4 Feb 1997 14:40:51 -0500 (EST)

Baleen whales in general migrate to cooler waters for feeding in the
summer and to warmer waters in the winter for calving.  They do not cross
the equator.  That is, whales in the northern hemisphere generally do not
cross the equator and go into the southern hemisphere.

Food is more plentiful in northern waters (in the northern hemisphere) and
that is why they go there.  However, in the winter the food may not be
accessable because it is under the ice.  To conserve energy, the whales
move south to warmer waters where they don't need to use as much of their
stored fat (blubber) to stay warm.  In addition, warm water is better for
the survival of calves because they are not born with thick blubber

Dan Odell 
Sea World

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> Dear Dr. Daniel Odell,
> Thank you for responding my letter.  I need help on information I can't
> find anywhere.  I need to know why Minke Whales migrate from northern
> waters to southern waters and back again.  Thank you for your time,
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> 					Daniel Needleman