Subject: Marine biology or pediatrics
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 13:45:24 GMT+1200

>I'm an eighth grader, soon going to highschool (of course). It's time to plan
what I want to do. Now the important part. I either want to be a marine
biologist, actress, or a pediatrician. Well I want to know what I need to
become a marine biologist.I would also like to know what its like working
with or studying whales and other sea animals. I would appreciate that: 

Well, I am not sure how being a marine biologist compares to an actress or pediatrician but 
I'd say that you need a lot of determination because lots of people want to become marine 
biologists.  You need some level of formal education, which means a few years spent at 
University.  Equally important is gaining a lot of experience working on various projects. 
You also need to develop skills such as taking photographs, driving boats, being somewhat 
handy with maths also helps. It helps if you really enjoy the outdoors and don't mind being 
in far away places at times.  

Working with whales is really exciting.  You get to spend time on the water with them, but 
what's more is you learn something new about them every time, and you then share that with 
others.  Being a marine biologist also involves spending lots of time in the office or the 
laboratory, analysing results obtained in the field, writing up your results and thinking 
about the next project you'll get involved in.  It's a lot of work but never boring.  And 
sometimes you get to travel all over the world.  I've been from the Arctic to the 
Subantarctic for my work.

But if you want to make money you'd better settle on becoming a pediatrician!

Nathalie Patenaude