Subject: Marine biology in new zealand
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 10:11:39 GMT+1200

   I am currently a college student interested in studing marine 
biology.  I am interested in possibly doing a student exchange to New 
Zealand.  What is it like to study there?  Are there good marine 

Dear Kathleen, I encourage to do a student exchange to New Zealand or any other country. I 
think it is a good way to experience different coultures as well as different approaches to 
science in general.  I enjoy living.working and studying in New Zealand.  It is a beautiful 
country, the people are very friendly and the weather sure beats what I was used to (I lived 
in Quebec).

I know of only two universities in New Zealand that have offer a program in Marine Science. 
The University of Otago and the University of Auckland.  Other universities offer programs 
in general Biology or Environmental Science and may be worth checking out as well.
Keep in mind that the school fees for International students are about  NZ$ 15,000 per year, 
unless you can get sponsorship or exchange agreements.

I think the University of Otago offers the  best program in Marine Science and I consider it 
New Zealand's foremost university for Conservation and Zoology.  They have an excellent 
department of Marine Science, and also offer a diploma in Wildlife Management. On top of 
that the University is located in beautiful Dunedin, in the South Island. 
You can reach the office of the Registrar for more information:

The Registrar
University of Otago
P.O. Box 56
Dunedin 9015
Ph: 64-3-479-1100
Fax: 64-3-474-1607

The University of Auckland also offers studies in Marine Science.  They have a School of 
Environmental and Marine Science located off campus.  It is a new School and still has a few 
glitches but overall I think it is pretty good.  The address is:

School of Environmental and Marine Sciences
The University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
Auckland, New Zealand
Ph: 64-9-373-7599 ext 6825
Fax 64-9-373-7402

or email:

Lincoln University has a program in Conservation and Ecology, I think it is mostly 
terrestrial based.  You can obtain more information by writting to:

The Registrar
P.O. Box 94
Lincoln University
Canterbury, NZ
Ph: 64-3-325-2811
Fax: 64-3-325-3850

Massey University offers a certificat in Environmental Science but doesn't have a Marine 
Science Department.  You may want to check out their Web Site:

The University of Waikato offers courses in Marine Ecology.  I odn't know this University at 
all.  Here's their address:

Private Bag 3105
Hamilton, New Zealand
Ph: 64-7-856-2889
Fax: 64-7-838-4370

And then there is the University of Canterbury, located in Christchurch.  It doesn't have a 
marine program but does offer courses in Environmental Science.  The address is:

The Registrar
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch, New Zealand
Fax: 64-3-364-2999
Ph: 64-3-366-7001

Good luck!

Nathalie Patenaude