Subject: Re: Humpback behaviour, integument, diseases, calves
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 12:15:36 GMT+1200

Thanks for your help.  It was too discriptive, which is really good.  Thanks
again.  By the way, how did you get the answers to these?  Thanks again.
                                        - Pocha56628

Oups, maybe I got a little carried away!

Some of the answers I knew because I have worked on humpback whales.  Others, especially the 
morphology questions I had to look up.  A good source of information was a book entitle 
Whales by E.J. Slipper. 1979. Cornell Univerisyt Press.  There is also the most excellent 
Handbook of Marine Mammals, edited by S.H. Ridgway and Sir R. Harrison.1994. Academic Press.

Nathalie Patenaude