Subject: whale stranding info
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 15:06:08 GMT+1200

   I would address you but I'm not sure who I'm talking to.  I'm an 8th
grade student from Michigan who is doing a research paper on why whales
beach themselves.  I haven't found alot of information on it and I was
wondering if you had any imformation or web sites or newspaper/magazines
articles because I need quotes and other things.
I have to have the information before Thursday the 20th.   I was
wondering if you couldhelp me, PLEASE!   I have an e-mail address-  or a fax number- (517)837-4439

					Thank you VERY much!

Dear Jennifer,

actually no one really know why whales beach themselves.  There are a lot of theories 
though. Some people believe it has to do with the environment like the magnetic field of the 
earth or the ocean currents, or electric storms that confuse the whales. One theory is that 
the whales try to follow an ancient migratory route through narrow straits that are now 
closed.  Others think that whales try to assist a sick or dying whale that is stranded and 
then whole group becomes stranded in the process.  It may have to do with disease such as 
parasite infections in their ear that creates problems for their navigation by echolocation.  
So you see, there is no simple answer.  The best I can do is send you a good review article 
 by Richard Ellis entitled 'Why do whales strand?' that appeared in the June 1987 issue of 

I hope this will be useful to you.

Nathalie Patenaude