Subject: More on blue whale penis size
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 18:21:57 GMT+1200

Is the penis only visable when erect, or is it always just hanging about? 
Is the size you gave me the erect size or normal size?
I was also wondering what the circumference of the penis is (in both states). 
 Thanks a lot for responding to my message, this is not easy information to find out for

Whales don't have erections per se.  Cetacean penises lie within an abdominal fold and are 
visible when muscle contractions push it out. Whale penises are shaped a bit like a wind 
sock.  I don't know what the circumference of a blue whale penis is.  My best guess is 
probably 0.5m (1 1/2 ft) at the base.

Nathalie Patenaude