Subject: Blue Whale products
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 11:31:58 GMT+1200

Dear Dr. Patenaude,
     My name is Brian and I am doing a report on the blue whale for my
science class.  My question is, do people still use whales today for products
and if so, which products.  I am doing this report because we were to find
out information on an endangered species and I thought that whales were
     Thank you for your time.  Brian

Dear Brian, 

Since 1966, blue whales have been protected and so whalers are not supposed to  hunt them 
(although some scientists believe that occasionally they still do).  When they did hunt 
them,  the most important product was whale oil, obtained by boiling the blubber and the 
bones.  The oil was used to produce margarine and cooking oil.  Japanese whalers also kept 
the meat and sold it  for human consumption.  The tail was a delicacy and eaten raw, the 
belly fat was sold as 'whale bacon'.  Nowadays some whales are still hunted commercially.  
The Japanese have the largest whaling fleet of all and their target species is the minke 
whale.  The meat is used for food.

Nathalie Patenaude