Subject: Sowerby Whale

Peter Scheifele (
Sat, 29 Mar 1997 08:15:30 -0500

Dear Sharon,

        My sincere apologies.  I did not receive any message to my e-mail
regaiding sowerby whales that I can recollect.  The Sowerby's Beaked whale
most certainly is a toothed whale (odontocete).  Its taxonomic name
Mesoplodon bidens literally means two-toothed since the teeth appear to lie
in the middle of the beak.  They can grow to lengths of about 16 feet and
are about 7 feet at birth.  They have a bulge in front ofthe blowhole.  They
occupy the NOrth Altantic.
Once again, my apologies for the mix-up.

At 11:39 AM 3/27/97 -0600, you wrote:
>I am disappointed that I did not hear from you on the size of the
>sowerby whale and whether it was a toothed whale or baleen whale.  This
>information was needed for a school project and all other available
>resources had been consulted.
>Sharon Bennett
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