Subject: Re: career in marine mammals

Al Romero (aromero@ACC.FAU.EDU)
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 07:54:42 -0500 (EST)

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>Subject: Re: career in marine mammals
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>>14th March, 1997
>>Dear Sir,
>>I am a french biologist. I have been working with marine mammals since
>>1994, but I have no specific qualification in marine mammal science. All I
>>know, I have learned it by working as a research assistant in Quebec and=
>>Madagascar. So, I have practical work experience with marine mammals, but
>>no graduate degree in this field.
>>At the present time, I work for a research program on humpback whales off
>>Madagascar (I will be there during next july and august).
>>Now I know that I want to pursue a career in marine mammal science and I
>>think it is necessary for me to be qualified in this field.
>>I have a master's degree in environmental science. Could you please tell=
>>if it would be possible for me with it to be accepted in a university
>>program in marine mammal science in U.S. (or anywhere you think it would=
>>a good place for me).
>>Looking forward to reading you soon.
>Dear friend:
>The possibility is always there. The first thing yuou need to do is to
narrow down what do you want to focus on. Is it evolution? fossils?
molecular genetics? a particlar type of behavior? conservation? Once you do
that, then try to learn who are the major players in those specialties by
reading the major journals devoted to the topic such as Marine Mammal
Science or through bibliographic data bases. Once you have done that, select
those who you feel are doing the most interesting type of research. Write
them and tell them that you would like to explore the possibility of
becoming a graduate student of his/her.
>Good luck in your search.
>Best wishes,
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