Subject: Re: Sperm Whale

Al Romero (aromero@ACC.FAU.EDU)
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 13:07:56 -0500 (EST)

At 10:16 PM 4/18/97 +1100, you wrote:
>Dear Dr. Aldemaro Romero,
>I have always been puzzled by the name of the Sperm whale. Was it named
>because of the Spermaceti organ, the oil or something else? Also if you
>have time . . .
>How high can a whale jump out of the water? Is there a simple formula which
>gives an answer a child could understand?
>Graham Clarke

Dear Friend:

"Sperm whale" is a contraction of spermaceti whale; spermaceti, the name for
the wax from the head, means "sperm or semen of the whale" because they look
similar at first sight. 

Whales can jump even higher than the length of their bodies as it has been
observed in many humpback and orcas (killer) whales.

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