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Subject: Re: Question about whales from my daughter, Lisa

Hi Lisa,

Whales require fresh water just like other mammals.  Because they live in
the ocean, they have to obtain their water in ways that are different from
most mammals that live on land.  Scientists speculate that mammals that
live in the ocean obtain
their water from the food they eat.  Their bodies appear to be adapted to
salt-free water from the fish, krill, and other organisms they eat.  Some
species might even have mechanisms to take in ocean water and take out the
salt so that their bodies can use the salt-free water for metabolic
purposes.  Scientists are still studying this aspect of whale physiology.
If you'd like more information, your local library might have several
books that talk about how whales have adapted to life in the ocean.  If
you don't find enough information there, drop me a line and I'll look up
some articles and books that you might find at a bookstore.  If you have
any more questions, write me.  I hope you have a good weekend.

Wanda Jones

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> Question: Do whales ever get thirsty? (From Lisa Benson, age 11)