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Hello Karen,

The whales in our oceans are considered to be threatened or endangered.
Extinct means that there are no more of a particular type of whale still
alive.  Threatened or endangered means that if steps are not taken to save
the whales, they might all die.  There are several whale species that were
in danger of becoming extinct due to whaling activities.  Whalers were
killing too many right whales, blue whales, sperm whales, and other types
of whales.  Whaling activities have been decreased so the whales that were
endangered are able to reproduce more babies and bring their populations
back up.  As long as humans are conscious about how their activities
affect the whales, the numbers of whales in our ocean should continue to
increase.  There are some countries that continue to hunt whales, but,
hopefully, pressure from concerned people will cause these countries to
reconsider their actions and stop hunting whales.

I hope I answered your question.  If you have anymore, drop me a line.
Have a good weekend.

W. Jones

On Tue, 29 Apr 1997, Karen Hokom wrote:

> Are more, and more whales becomeing extinct?