Subject: Re: whale watching on Oahu in January

Lori Mazzuca (
Sun, 4 May 1997 16:16:56 -1000 (HST)

Dear Jason:
	Thank you for your question.  January is a good time to see
humpback whales in Hawaii.  The humpback whales start trickling into
Hawaiian waters in November/December.  The best time to see them is in
February/March on the island of Maui however, they are around all of the
Hawaiian Islands.  Hawaii is one of their breeding/calving grounds in
the North Pacific.
	As for your second question regarding maps or routes available on
the humpback whale migration, I have seen several similar versions 
reproduced in books.  In "Hawaii's Humback Whales" (authors: Greg Kaufman
and Paul Forestell) there is an assumed migration map reproduced from a
paper written by Scott Baker, et al. 1990 and 1993.  The map is on page
108.  When you research the subject look up migration/distribution and/or
cetaceans simultaneously.  You should have no problem finding the
information you are looking for.  
	If you are coming up empty-handed, it is because there is so much
we still don't know about the great whales.  Unfortunately, we whaled them
to near extinction at the turn of the century.  We killed most of them
before we could really learn about them.  
	I can tell you something interesting that will be published soon
about the humpback migration.  I have a friend who is involved
in the satellite tagging of humpback whales. Last year, the whales
tagged were found to follow the magnetic north rather than the true
north.  This means that they might be using the Earth's magnetic field
to migrate.  Unfortunately, the tags either fell off or the batteries
died before they made it the entire way back.  The tagging is taking
place again this year off of the island of Kauai.
	I hope this information has been helpful.  Goodluck.

Lori Mazzuca

On Sun, 4 May 1997, Jason Hause wrote:

> Hello Lori, my name is Jason Hause. Next January I will be traveling to 
> the island of Oahu and was wondering what are the odds of seeing any
> whales that time of the year. Also I was wondering if there are any
> maps  of information on the routes that the whales take near Hawaii. Any
> info you have would be much appreciated. Thanks
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