Subject: Orcas

Lori Mazzuca (
Sun, 11 May 1997 21:25:06 -1000 (HST)

Dear Art,
	Thank you for your question asking: What is the food chain of the
	If I understand your question you are wondering what they eat.
The answer to that is they eat everything.  They are the top predator.
Although this is the case, there has been well documented study done in
Alaska on Orcas that appears to clearly divide the prey individual
populations eat.  Certain populations prey on schooling fish only while
others, called "transients," prey on schooling fish as well as other
marine mammals.
	If you have the time for your report, go to the library and check
out a few books.  We have learned a lot about the orca and it is well
documented.  There is at least one book about nothing but the orca.  It is
titled:  Orca:  A whale called killer --  by Eric Hoycht
	Good luck with your report. You live in a good area to learn about
the orca.  
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> I am doing a report on Orcas.  I was wondering what their food chain was?
>  Thank you!
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