Subject: Narwhal

Lori Mazzuca (
Wed, 14 May 1997 10:25:42 -1000 (HST)

Dear A-Man and T-Man,
	Thank you for all of your good questions. Since I have been
overwhelmed with questions, I will answer one question in each message
from your class.  Keep in mind that for each of the messages your class
sends containing 20 or more questions, there are other students and
classes doing the same.  In this multitude of questions I will answer the

What is the horn on the Narwhal used for?

The spiraling tusk on the Narwhal is found mostly on males.  It is
actually a tooth, usually the right tooth, that develops in this manner.
It is something that baffled scientists for years but we know now that it
is probably used like the antlers of a deer, in fights over females and as
a visual display of strength.

On Mon, 12 May 1997, Martha Gray wrote:

> Dear Lori,
> 	We hope you dont mind us asking a few questions.  Well here they are:
> 	About how many bones are in a blue whale's body? How many are in a 
> orcas? How can you tell the difference between a male and female blue 
> whale?  Some scientists believe that whales evolved on land. Do you?
> Do you like whales?  What colors are whales eyes? About how many 
> different types of whales are there?  How many teeth does a orca whale 
> have?  What is the horn on the Narwhals forehead used for?  Is your 
> job interesting?  About how many whales have you seen in your life?  
> What is the world record for the highest blow from a whale?  About how 
> much does an average blue whale eat in a day?  How much does an 
> average Orca?  How much does a Humpback eat a day?  About how many 
> strands of baleen are in a Blue Whale's moulth?  What makes a Sperm 
> Whale so dangerous?  How much does an average Sperm Whale weight?  How 
> many times does a sperm whale surface in a day?  How often do you go 
> out to study whales?  About how many whales do you see a day? How in a 
> year?  Do you like working as a scientist?  How long is the dorcel fin 
> on an orca?  About how much work went in to the movie Free Willly?
> 																																												From your Pupils,
> 																																												THE T-MAN & THE A-MAN