Subject: Breaching

Lori Mazzuca (
Wed, 14 May 1997 10:40:12 -1000 (HST)

Dear Adam and Vincent,
	Thank you for all of your questions.  Many of the questions asked
from your class are duplicates of those asked by your classmates.  I might
suggest that as a class project you each go to the library and research
one question each.  It will be more meaningful and you will learn more if
you seek some of these answers in published books.  For today, I will
answer one question that is a commonly asked question.

Why do whales breach?

For the most part, much of a whales behavior remains a mystery to us.
However, after years of observation and study, there are several theories
as to why whales breach.  They may be trying to break barnacles off of their 
bodies. (Barnacles are a parasite that attach in the colder latitudes.)
In courtship, it might be used to challenge another male or males or
possibly used as a show of power and/or strength.  There are times whales
appear to use it aggressively at another animal.  I have seen a whale
breach when agitated that it was partially entangled in net. There are
also times it appears to be playful.  The whale may breach simply to come
out of the water and feel air just as humans like to take a dip in a pool
from time to time.


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> how many different kinds of whales are there? 2.are you nice to 
> whales? 3.why does the water reflect off a whales back the way it 
> does? you like hats? many differnt books are there on whales? 
> 6.what colors are whales eyes? you like whales? many bones 
> are inside a whalee? big is a whales brain? 10. are any whales 
> indangered? 11. how big was the larget whale found? long is a 
> whales intestine? 13.whats your favirite type of whale? 14.are whales 
> fun to be around? 15. how many whale sientists are there in the world? 
> 16. how long have you been a whale scientst? 17. how many whales were 
> hunted down before the inventon of the lightbulb?18.what kind of 
> scienintist are you? 19. what do you think whales breach for? 20. how 
> long are whale songs? 21 how many times do you go whale wathing in a 
> day? large are whales hearts? 23. how does oil kill orcas? 24 
> how many whales are left in the world? 25 are you helping to free 
> kaiko? 26 whats your average salary? 27 how much does a whale eat in a 
> day? 28 do you work with other scientiste? 29. how much does a babby 
> whale eat? many elemetry kids would it take to equel a whale 
> weight?
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>                                      ADAM AND VINCENT