Subject: Laws Protecting Marine Mammals

Lori Mazzuca (
Wed, 14 May 1997 13:09:01 -1000 (HST)

Dear Tara and Kayla,
	Thank you for your question asking when did the government pass a
law to stop killing whales.  

First of all, regardless of laws, whales are still being killed today!
Despite a worldwide ban was put in place in 1986, hundreds of whales are
being killed every year.  Certain nations have broken free from the
international agreement--some are whaling under a controversial
definition of scientific research permit.  There are even provisions and
exceptions made within laws protecting marine mammals in the United
States.  For example, under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, eskimos are
allowed to take endagered whales every year to in order continue their
traditional practices. Even though the majority of the US tuna fishing
fleet has pulled out, for decades--under the same law--20,500 dolphins
were/are allowed to be killed each year. 
	The sad thing is that I have not even touched on the vast number
of whales and dolphins dying each year as a result of numerous human
activities such as, boating, recreation, construction, fishing,
entanglement in pollution, nets, and other debris dumped in the ocean by

 On Wed, 14 May 1997, Martha Gray wrote:

> Dear Scientist,
> 	When did the government pass the law to stop killing whales?
> 		From,
> 					Tara and Kayla