Subject: Sleep -- Do Whales sleep?

Lori Mazzuca (
Wed, 14 May 1997 13:12:34 -1000 (HST)

Dear Darius, Maxi, and Hiroshi:
	I will answer one of your questions:  Do whales ever sleep?

Cetaceans are conscious breathers.  They have a voluntary breathing
response whereas we have an involuntary response.  That means they have to
think about each breath.  If they fell asleep for hours they would die.
Therefore, they are found resting at the surface for 10-15 minutes at a
times---sort of napping.

On Wed, 29 Aug 1956, Martha Gray wrote:

> Dear :Lorim
> We all ready know that ansetors of whales evoveld on land but what is 
> your thary.  If whales evoveld on land how did they get their ballens.  
> What color are whales eyes.  What whale has the best eye site.  What 
> is the size of a baby blue whale.  Do whales have ears. or do they 
> have sences like sharks.  Are whales skin soft are hard.  Are there 
> any whales that would let you ride on their back.  Do whales eat 
> sharks and if they do how do the kill them.  What is the averge food 
> that whales eat.  Do whales every sleep.  Whats is the farthest a blue 
> whale dive.  Whats the biggest splash a blue whale made.  What whales 
> are getting hunted, tell us one by one please.  Is there any animal 
> that can eat a blue whale, I now that a orac can but how many.
> 								Sincerly
> 	Darius, Maxi, Hiroshi