Subject: whale threats (question)

Tori (
Sun, 18 May 1997 16:53:40 -1000

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Ross and I'm doing an internet project on
whales for my biology class and would like some information. I was
wondering, what is the biggest threat to whales now a days, esspecially
whales such as the Right whale which are endangered or at risk of
becoming endangered?  What is the biggest problem whales face.  Water
pollution? Pollution of their food supply?  Injury from ships? ect...  I
was also wondering if there was anything my class and/or I could do to
help whales and prevent their deaths?  I'd appreciate any info. you
could send.  Either email me or sen information to the address below.

Ms. O'Donell/Elizabet Ross
1420 11 Ave. S.E.
Rochester, MN

Thank for your time!