Subject: orca whales info

Tori (
Mon, 26 May 1997 17:59:15 -1000

Dear tom, I need a lot of facts about orca whales or killer whales for my 3
rd grade
project at St. Rose of Lima School in Cleveland, Ohio  

Thank You                       ELISE

Aloha Elise,

There are plenty of facts about killer whales and plenty of books contain
these facts! Here are some for you. Do yo know the difference between
whales and dolphins? Size! Dolphins are small whales. Now, check this out,
the biggest dolphin is the killer whale! So the Orca is actually a
dolphin! The most famous killer whale is Kieko, who starred in the movie
"Free Willy". A great "Free Keiko" campaign started when folks found out
that Keiko was living in bad conditions in a tank down in Mexico. Check
out Sea World's webpage for more on this story and how Keiko is doing
today (Great!). Schoolkids played a major role in getting Keiko to a
better home on and the road to freedom. The more you know about Keiko's
story, the more you will know about Orca's. You will find out their family
lifestyle, their diets, their behaviors, and what keeps them healthy and
How the killer whale got its name. Early Spanish whalers named them "whale
killers" because they herded other whales into easy range of harpooners.
Interesting, I always thought it was because they kill and eat other large
marine mammals such as seals, otters and other whales. I would guess that
is how they kept their name.
Good luck on your report Elise, If you need more help on your report, let
me know. Sorry it took awhile, I was having trouble with my on-line

Keep up the good work!