Subject: Re: Marine Biologist

Tori (
Mon, 26 May 1997 18:14:53 -1000

I was wondering what qualifications would be helpful if I wanted to study
orca's and other whales?

A degree in Marine Biology??


> From: Tori <>
> To: Richard Leturno <>
> Subject: Re: Orcas
> Date: Sunday, May 25, 1997 2:36 AM
Hi Again Chris!,

Look at some of the prior questions on the ASK FAQ page. There are some
good answers there. If you want more specific answers, please ask me. 
In my own experience, I had trouble with how to go about gaining
qualifications to study marine mammal behavior. I also thought Marine
Biology would be the way to go. This meant that I would have to major in
Zoology, here where I attend the University of Hawaii. However the Zoology
Dept. here does focus on animals higher on the scale of fish, as far as
marine life anyhow. The Oceanic Dept. focused on the water. I thought that
I would perhaps major in Psychology, to learn about behaviors. Although
there are good marine mammal behavior classes available, if I was to
major in psych, I would have to take a lot of human-type classes that I
thought would be rather depressing.
So what I majored in was Environmental Sciences. I kept my electives heavy
in the Zoology and Psych sides so I could still get knowledge on those
sciences. This has worked very well for me. In Environmental Science I
have a lot of exposure to things that would effect the whales (and all
other life!) such as global warming, water and air pollution, etc. I guess
many people would find this depressing! I also learned about the
connectedness of ecosystems and the preservation of endangered species. I
am happy with the path I choose. For you, gather all the information you
can, before you make a decision. You can always change your mind, as long
as you are pretty focused on your goal.

Good luck!