Subject: Career questions

Tori (
Tue, 27 May 1997 19:35:38 -1000

Hello, Tori Cullins,

My name is Alyssa Wells.  I am using my grandmother's computer and email 
to get information to earn a badge in girl scouts.

Do you mind if I ask a few questions about your field of work?  Here are 
my questions.
         (1) What led you into this field of work?
         (2) What do you like most about this kind of work?
         (3) What concerns do you have about the kind of work you do?

Thank you very much for helping me.

Aloha Alyssa Wells,

Wow, good for your grandma, having her own computer and email. My mom
is just now getting into email and I look forward to being able to
converse with on-line. Besides saving long-distance telephone bills! 

1) I have always loved animals. At your age I was training dogs and
horses. In high school I wanted to be a vet. I became discouraged with the
school system at the time, but did become a Registered Animal Health
Technician. After coming to Hawaii, I became fascinated with marine
mammals. In college here I joined the Marine Option Program to become
familiar with the ocean and all it contained. The first meeting I went to
Dr. Joe Mobley was giving a presentation on humpback whales. He asked for
volunteers who could stomach riding in a small Cessna plane to help count
the number of humpbacks seasonally in Hawaii. Having a Dad who flys a fire
fighter plane I knew I could handle the spins and dips and was the first
volunteer. The rest is history. Dr. Mobley was very supportive and helpful
in fostering my interest in research (I had decided I would much rather
work with animals in the wild). I appreciate so much that I have the
opportunity to do what I love. I would encourage you and everyone else to
do the same.

2) I kinda answered this question in #1. I like working outside and with
resource that I and others are trying to protect. I also like that I have
the chance to educate people about the whales. Their enthusiasm boosts my
enthusiasm, and makes me feel really great.

3) My main concerns would be threats to the whales and other native
species. Threats such as habitat degradation and pirate whaling.

Good luck on your badge, I used to be girl scout too.