Subject: Ventral Pleats

Tori (
Thu, 29 May 1997 08:34:29 -1000


What is the 13-letter word for the ventral throat grooves common to rorquals?

Yes, this is a crossword puzzle.

My son (age 11) is doing this in his science class.

Its driving me nuts.


Hello to you!

Boy I have never heard these termed as anything other than ventral pleats,
throat grooves or combination of these words. I looked through three
technical books on whale anatomy and didn't see anything different. Try
ventral pleats, 13 letters. Let me know if this works, you got me going
now! I can try and make some phone calls if this doesn't work. Seeing as
how your son is 11, I wouldn't think it would be much harder than this.

Good Luck,