Subject: Marine Biologist Jobs

Tori (
Fri, 30 May 1997 23:56:29 -1000

Dear Tori Cullins,

		I have just finished my first year in Honours Biology at the University 
of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.  I have hopes to become a Marine Biologist 
upon finishing my graduate studies in the future.  
		My question to you is simple but has been plaguing me for the past few 
months.  I have been unsuccessfully looking for any kind of job or 
opportunity to work in the field of marine science.  I would like to gain 
some more experience in this field and I am prepared to do anything to get 
it.  I know that I have limited experience and there are lots of other people 
out there looking for openings.  Is there any where I can look to find an 
opportunity to gain some valuable experience this summer or in the 
		I appreciate the time you have taken to read my message.  Any 
information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you.

Sonia Barnes

Dear Sonia Barnes,

You are right there are many dedicated people out there looking for
positions. I am one of them. For this reason, I must carefully guard any
leads I my have for the sake of myself and my colleques and regret that I
cannot help you, especially when you mention that you are a honours
student. Just kidding. I fully encourage anyone to pursue what they love.

Look through the ASK FAQ and archives for titles relating to career paths.
Lori Mazucca and others including myself have written about how they got
into the field, or other methods of incorporating yourself into the marine
realm. MARMAM a newsgroup on marine mammal research and issues, regularly
posts information on related seminars and volunteer opportunities. I will
forward you information on how to subscribe and also how to access their
archives for recent info you may have missed. Are you fully aware of what
your university has to offer? Become involved in marine related clubs or
programs and network towards your interests, if this is available. Think
about becoming an exchange student, or something similiar. Hawaii has
awesome marine programs and summertime scholarships for marine-related
research (you would have to apply for next summer, due to deadlines). Try
to find out what ecological-type research is going on your area. Even if 
if it is not marine-related the principles may still apply and give you
practical experience and background.

Try to regard obstacles as challenges, you are bright and still have some
time to exploit your university resources. Use them! Feel free to write me
at any time. You have my address and I may be able to help you further.

Good luck and enjoy the journey.