Subject: Whaling Participants

Tori (
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 07:09:53 -1000

What are three countries that are currently killing whales?
What do humpback whales do, and not do, in the winter?


Norway, Japan, and Russia are still whaling. In the United States, sperm
whales porpoises, dolphins, pilot whales , beaked whales , humpback
whales, minke whales, seal lions, seals and otters are incidentally
killed or injured in fishing nets or lines. There are aboriginal tribes
who are or desire to hunt whales for cultural and/or subsistence reasons.

What humpbacks whales don't do in the winter is eat. In the summer,
humpback whales work together to herd fish, catch and eat them.
They "bubble net," open their jaws wide enough to fit a pick-up truck
inside, and fill their throat grooves with water, when eating. You don't
see these things during the winter, when they are in lower latitude
warmer waters, that don't contain much whale food. 
What they do is breed and give birth to their calves. In the winter, they
are not as friendly to each other as they are in the summer. In the winter
they are competitive with each other, due to breeding activities.

Hope this answers your question!