Subject: Humpback info

Tori (
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 23:25:36 -1000

     I'm doing a report on Humpback Whales.Could you please send me some 
     info about Humpback Whales? E-mail me at ualex

Aloha Valex,

To help you better I need some info from you, like how old are you? I
wouldn't want to send something for a whole different age level. Also,
there are many interesting things about humpbacks that are unique to them.
For instance, they have the most haunting and complex songs of all whales.
They have the longest pectoral fins, which makes it easy to identify them
from other whales. Newborn humpback calves can gain up to a hundred pounds
a day on their mothers milk. They are the most acrobatic of the rorqual
whales. etc. etc. etc. What are you interested in or having trouble finding
information on? Let me have a little more info from you and I'll be glad
to help you further. Looking forward to hearing from another humpback fan!

A hui hou!