Subject: Narwhals endangered?

Tori (
Wed, 4 Jun 1997 16:54:20 -1000

Dear HJ,

I am happy to say that Narwhals do not appear to be endangered. I have not
seen them on any lists and I checked the international ones, as they are
found in Artic waters. It appears that since they live in areas of ice
packs, whaling boats did not have much access to them. As a smaller whale
they were not worth being commercially exploited. They were however hunted
and used by the Canadian Inuit for food, and ivory among other things. As
far as I could tell, it appears they were hunted in a sustainable manner.
Thanks for your concern.

Is the Narwhal an endangered species?  If so, what is being done to help it?
HJ Coble, JR.