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Subject: jobs in marine science 

Dear Tori,

	I am currently a highschool student and am thinking of pursuing a
career in marine science. I was wondering about the availability of jobs
there will be in the future or by the time I finish college. Will there
be an increase in demand for jobs in that field? Will the competition
for jobs be difficult? 
	Thank you for taking the time in answering my questions. I really
appreciate the information that you can give me.

yours truly,
Joanne Tam

Aloha Joanne,

Glad to see your interest in Marine Science. You would really need a
statistician to answer your questions. There are publications about up and
coming jobs that have this type of thing. However, marine science is a
very broad subject. I think weather patterning and modeling will be hot
areas, with global warming, El Nino's and such. Behavioral type things are
glutted and competitive, funding is a major factor. There are ways to get
into what you it is you want to. By the time you finish college, and
likewise as your life progresses, you may become exposed to things you are
not currently aware of and your focus may shift while your interest
remains. Stay with the field you are interested in (marine science) and
increase your exposure every chance you have and are able. Worrying about
the job situation is valid. Myself, I try to regard obstacles as
challenges (believe I've had some MAJOR challenges), and as I've posted
here before, I'm a firm believer in "working" in the area of your
passions. I think if you look into the job situation further you may
become discouraged and not pursue what you may have made it in, if you had
followed your heart. That is my opinion. Maybe you are better off looking
into books about people who are successful and the qualities they have. My
last comment, I don't consider making a lot of money as succesful. If this
is important to you, I would advise looking into the job situation
further and what entry levels position pay, what the ceilings are, etc.

A hui hou