Subject: whale species

Tori (
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 08:08:25 -1000

Dear Tori

I am a 12 year old girl and I love whales some people say I am obsessed
with whales.

1) How many spicies of whales are there?

2) How do I get involved with saving, working and studing whales?

                        from Nicole Ann Cain-New Zealand

Aloha Nicole,

67 species of toothed whales, 5 in the river dolphin family, 39 in ocean
dolphin and porpoise, 2 in narwhal and white whale, 3 in sperm whale, 18
in beaked whale. 10 species in whale bone (baleen) suborder. 1 species of
gray whale, 6 rorqual or "finned" whales, and 3 in right whale and bowhead

Look in the ASK current questions and archives for headings that have to
do with your second question. This is a quite common question and by
looking through the answers from various scientists, you will have more
opinions and advice than just from me.                        

I just received a posting about a new whale web site. I will forward this
to you. Glad to hear about your keen interest in whales.

A hui hou!