Subject: Whale watching on Cape Cod

Tori (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 08:48:29 -1000



We are flying to Plymoth Mass. on Friday, and hope to go whale watching 
on Saturday. Can we expect to see whales? What types? Are they migrating 
or do they stay in that area! Will they have calfs? My mom & Dad went to 
Hawaii last March and saw tons of humpbacks. How did you get into this 
line of work? Please e-mail me your reply

Dear SL,

I am sending this without researching the Cape area, that I am not
familiar with. I think you may see humpbacks or fin whales. Humpbacks
would be feeding up there. I am sending this now, without the research
because you are leaving so soon. Ask around when you get there to the
local folks. They will know better than anyone or should be able to direct
you to someone who does.

I got into this line of work by being curious and pursuing answers. Just
like you. For more details on this, look at my or others replys to this
type of question on the ASK current or archive answer page.

Have fun at the Cape! Don't neglet being interested in other marine life
there. Plenty of sea birds, I'm sure among other things.

A hui hou