Subject: Whalewatching in Maine

Lindsay J Porter (
Sun, 22 Jun 1997 12:56:54 +0800

>What's the best month for whale watching in Maine?  Is there a chance of
>seeing whales in September?

Dear Sandy,
Apologies for the delay in responding - whale watching in north America
being a little out my usual field!!  OK - the Gulf of Maine is an important
feeding ground for some of teh latger whales - as wel as being used all year
round by small cetaceans and phocids.  This area is also known for sightngs
of basking sharks and a variety of sea birds.  The species of whales likely
to be seen include Humpbacks, fins, minkes and - rarely- the endangered
northern right whale.  September would appear to be a good time to see
whales as this is the beginning of feeding time whereas small cetceans can
be seen all year round.  Small cetaceans include harbour porpoise, pilot
whales  and bottlenose dolphins.  There are many whalewatching companies -
according to info on the web - one of which works in collaboration with the
Biology Department of Wheelock and Simmons College, Boston (Whalewatching
Inc.) A usuful website address is

An additional reference which wold appear to be helpful (although I haven't
read it, it has received good reviews)

>Corrigan, Patricia. The Whale Watcher's Guide: Whale-Watching Trips in
North America. Chester, Connecticut: Globe
>Pequot, 1991; Minocqua, Wisconsin: NorthWord Press, 1994. (A revised and
expanded edition of Where the Whales Are:
>A Directory of Whale-Watching Trips in North America. Chester, Connecticut:
The Globe Pequot Press, 1991.) 

>"You won't find a more thorough resource on North-American whale-watching
>tours and related museums, aquariums, science centers, national parks,
marine >sanctuaries, and monuments. Also included are great tips on whale
watching, as >well as lists of whale conservation and research
organizations, adopt-a-whale >programs, and suggested reading"

I hope this is of help

Lindsay J Porter
Dolphin Research Group
The Swire Institute of Marine Science
The University of Hong Kong
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Shek O
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