Subject: Whale Evolution

Lindsay J Porter (
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 10:35:55 +0800

>I am seeking information on the evolution of whales and dolphins,
>eg, fossil records, time frames, possible land based precursors,
>relationships with seals, etc. Any suggested links or references?
>David Villa
Dear David,
A good reference I have come across is in Anthony Martins "The Illustrated
Encyclopedia of Whales and Dolphins"1990.  New York: Portland House.  ISBN

If you cannot get hold of this easily then I can fax the whale evolution
section to you.

Links I have come across are 
for museum listings

which then has a link to a comprehensive bibliography.

While skimming through eth bibliography I came across this PhD ref.  Maybe
author if not thesis itself will be a good compilation for the references
that you seek.

>Bain, David Edmund. An Evaluation of Evolutionary Processes: Studies of
Natural >Selection, Dispersal, and Cultural Evolution in Killer Whales
(Orcinus Orca). Ph.D. thesis, University of California, >Santa Cruz, 1989. 

Hope this help.  If I can be of further assistance please get in touch

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