Subject: Beluga stranding, Banff Scotland

Lindsay J Porter (
Thu, 3 Jul 1997 11:18:53 +0800

>Hi Lindsay,
>Just writing to tell you about a Beluga whale stranded today on Banff
>Beach, north of Aberdeen.
>It's definitely a Beluga, although currently in a fairly advanced state
>of decomposition. It's lying up at the high tide mark. Apparently it
>came in with the tide this morning, and it's been a sunny day, so you
>can imagine the odour. :)
>It's about 23 feet long, and lying on its right side. Its left pectoral
>is badly broken, and it looks like someone's bitten a couple of chunks
>out of it. There's not much doubt that it dies before finding itself on
>dry land.
>No-one thought to report it till this afternoon, and myself and my
>girlfriend (active Friends of the Moray Firth Dolphins) went down to
>check it out. Maybe people will now believe that Belugas come to the
>Moray Firth!
>Anyway, I'm telling you because I can't find anyone else on the net to
>give this information to! Maybe you can pass it on to a relevant society
>or whatever who records these things.
>Angus Mair

Dear Angus,
What a fascinating story - I am passing your message on to the marine mammal
research group of the University of Aberdeen at The Lighthouse Field
Station, Cromarty.  This group is actively involved in investigating
strandings within the region. Please contact Dr DR Wilson (of above )
directly - who will know exactly what to do with your information. 

Dr Wilson - <>

best wishes

Lindsay J Porter
Dolphin Research Group
The Swire Institute of Marine Science
The University of Hong Kong
Cape d'Aguilar
Shek O
Hong Kong