Subject: mysterious deep ocean sounds

Leah Gerber (
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 17:29:10 -0700 (PDT)

> I have a question that perhaps you can either answer or tell me where
> else to look.
>    The other day on the Discovery Channel I was watching a program on
> deep ocean exploration and they did a peice on an oceanographer in
> Oregon doing cetacean bioacustical research. He was describing the
> origin of his data set as being the IUSS Dual Use program with the navy
> deep ocean hydrophonic sensors.  This investigator then played example
> sound files of known marine mammals and submarines.  He then played an
> extreemly interesting sound file of something he could not identify and
> this is the crux of my question. I cannot remember the investigators
> name nor his facility, but I would really like to analyze this and other
> unidentifiable oceanic sounds but I cannot find an appropriate
> accessable database for these files.  Do you have any information
> regarding this that could help me?
> I appreciate any reply you can give;
> Thanks again,
> Terry Post
> Biomedical Engineer, St. Louis Mo.

Dear Terry,

Interesting question.  It sounds like the best place to start is to 
determine who and what facility conducted the research, then you can 
contact the appropriate person about attaining databases. You might check 
the Discovery Channel's home page:

Good luck!