Subject: more on whale harvest

Leah R. Gerber (
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 12:48:34 -0700

At 12:17 PM 7/1/97 -0400, wrote:
>I'm a fishery biologist working on environmental impact assessements in
>Alaska, and need to know a little about international harvest of whales.
> Could you tell me, or let me know the best sources for finding out, how many
>whales of which types are targeted by the whaling nations, worldwide?  Is the
>harvest considered legal under applicable international or nation-specific
>law? What is the prospect for harvest in the future, is it expected to
>change, increase, etc.?  Any information would be apprectiated.  Thanks.
> Mike Prewitt 

Hello again Mike,

I just ran across 2 references that would definately be of interest to you:

P. Clapham, S. Leatherwood. I. Szchzepaniak, and R. L. Brownell. Catches of
humpback and other whales from shre stations at Moss Landing and Trinidad,
California, 1919-1926. Marine Mammal Science 13(3)368-394.

P. Clapham. 1996. Too much is never enough: can the whaling industry be
trusted? Whalewatcher.

Have fun, Leah