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>Could you tell me if you have ever heard of a Fin Whale. If so, where
>can i find information on them. I am looking for personel interest.
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Dear Peter,

The fin whale _Balaenoptera physalus_ is the second largest member of the
family Balaenopteridae.  Fin whales usually travel alone or in small groups,
and not much is known about the social structure of the species.  Fin whales
have fringed baleen plates instead of teeth, and ventral grooves with allow
for the filtering of large quantities of water while feeding on schools of
small crustaceans and fish.  Fin whales migrate seasonally from high
lattitude Arctic and Antarctic feeding grounds in summer months to lower
lattitudes in the winter months. Fin whales are currently listed as
"Endangered" under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, however it is thought
that populations are recovering. For general information on fin whales, I
would suggest you start with a marine mammal I.D. book -- R. Reeves et al.
is a good one.

Have fun!

Cheers, Leah