Subject: Re: whales geographic distribution

Leah R. Gerber (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 11:16:01 -0700

At 11:12 PM 7/24/97 +0200, Patti Patrizia wrote:
>Hi my name is Patty i am a italian student i would like to know  sometimes
about whales geographic distribution and migration ( 2 or 3 species) .
thank' you very much Patty.

Hello Patti,

The best place to look for information on the distribution and migration
of whale species is the National Marine Mammal Laboratory home page at

The Stock Assessment Reports have the most current information on the
topic you are interested in, and the Alaska Stock Assessment Report is on
this website.  You can also visit the NMML Library and connect to
different links that address marine mammal research.

Hope this helps you get started. 

Cheers, Leah