Subject: Marine mammal jobs in Scotland

Leah R. Gerber (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 16:34:19 -0700

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> Subject: Jobs
> I wondered if you could help me.  I am a 15-year-old girl from Ayrshire in
> Scotland.  I love animals especially sea mammals and would like to work with
> them when I have finished school and university.  I have contacted several
> organisations for information on  possible courses I could consider so that I
> could get a job connected with my interests, and also for a volantary job or
> work experience.  So far I have had no luck.  I realise that you are in the
> USA, but I hoped you could possibly send me the addresses of anywhere I could
> try writing to in Britain, or any other useful information
>                                     Yours Hopefully,
>                                                             Kirsty Norrie

Dear Kirsty: 

The University of St. Andrews has an excellent marine laboratory.  The
address you can write to for information is:

Sea Mammal Research Unit
Gatty Marine Laboratory
University of St. Andrews
St. Andrews Fife KY168LB
Scotland UK
Tel. 01334 462630
Fax 01334 462632

Good luck!