Subject: more codes used on data sheets!

Yankee Fleet: Carol Hill/Lisa Foerster (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 14:32:15 -0700

> More questions.  Aftewr the code name, sometimes there are a series of
> numbers; i.e., "Mn, 6, 2+2+1+1, c/c etc."  What do the numbers mean?  Thanks.

The numbers after the species code refers to group sizes in one area.
For instance, Mn, 2+2+1+1 means that there were two separate groups of
two and two separate groups of one humpbacks within that particular area.
 We don't lump all of the whales together because it is useful to know
group sizes.  The "c/c" refers to a cow/calf group (a mother and baby).

Hope this clears it up for you!


Lisa Foerster
Director, Center for Oceanic Research and Education