Subject: dangerous marine life

Leah R. Gerber (
Thu, 4 Sep 1997 15:39:49 -0700

> What is the most dangerist anamil in the sea? write back with the answer.


The answer to this question is dependent on what species of animal is
being threatened in the ocean.  For most large whales, seals, and sea
lions, the animal that poses the most threat to their survival is the
killer whale.  The animal that poses the most danger to humans as far as
ocean myth is concerned is the great white shark.  However, sharks do not
rely on humans as their primary food source and most shark attacks occur
when the human closely resembles one of the sharks' other species of prey
such as a seal or sea lion.  This can occur during scuba diving excursions
in areas of high shark density.  

Does that help? Leah