Subject: Behavioral Development (fwd)

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Mon, 8 Sep 1997 12:37:44 -0400 (EDT)

Subject: Re: About Behavioral Development

     This certainly sounds worthy from a scientific viewpoint.  I would be 
     interested in knowing how the data was actually collected, based on 
     the data collection techniques described by Altmann (1974).  I would 
     suggest asking Wang Ding at the Institute for some suggestions of 
     other scientists to speak with about this.  Also, a review of the 
     literature on captive dolphins will let you know who to contact.  My 
     expertise was working with free-ranging dolphins.  I forwarded your 
     request to a colleague who is currently doing some behavioral work in 
     Japan, for her opinion.  She has much experience with such work, 
     including ethograms.  I am also forwarding a copy of your message to 
     the marine mammal discussion group.  Perhaps you will hear from 
     someone who can assist you better.
     Best wishes for your project.

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Subject: About Behavioral Development
Author:  "WANG; Kexiong" <> at ~smtp
Date:    9/6/97 1:36 AM

Dear Sir or Madam: 
I am a graduate student in Institute of Hydrobiology, the Chinese Academy of 
The thesis I am studying is "Behavioral development of the Yangtze finless 
in captivity".
The porpoises (one male and one female) were captured and kept in a pool last 
December, then I began to record their behaviors half-hour every day or every 
day. I have had a lot of records of the porpoises' breathing, swimming, playing,
and interacting. I am going to stop recording the coming December. I expect to 
some regular patterns about the porpoise's behavioral development.
Please tell me whether the thesis is scientific and appropriate or not?
Thank you very much!
WANG, kexiong